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Fixture Installation

fixture-installation-electricianWhen wiring and installing any sort of electrical fixture in your house, you need to consider how much help you will need from a professional. You can often get all the required information from the vendor of your fixture, but if you are not confident around electricity it is better to get professional help as the mains power in a house can be deadly.

Once you have chosen your fixture, you need to determine the voltage and current it need to have available for correct operation. Many fixtures (in the US) will be 120V or the voltage will be selectable, depending on which wires are connected. The current required for a 120V fixture, will be 0.83% of the power in Watts. Using this information, you can determine what you are going to use as a power source, generally the closest power outlet or junction box which is already in place. When adding fixtures which will draw larger amounts of power, you should consider that you might be overloading the circuit breaker box, as the original size was determined when the building was first designed.

The first thing you need to do is isolate the area of the house you are working it at the circuit breaker box. Then, if you are replacing a current fixture, remove it from the wall or ceiling. You should see three wires (black, white and green). Be sure to only connect black to black, white to white and green to green. You may need to adjust the size of the hole in the wall or ceiling. Once the new fixture is in place, go to the switch for the previous fixture and remove it from the wall. You can now install your new switch.

If you are adding a completely new fixture, trace around it on the wall or ceiling rather before making a cut. Determine the location of the switch, taking in to consideration the location of the power source and the position of the fixture itself. The next step is to run the wires, which is most easily done from the space above the ceiling. This is something that is usually best done by a professional. The new fixture should have instructions as to how to affix it to the surface, as will the switch. You can now add power by switching on at the circuit breaker box and test the system.

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