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Internet Wiring

internet-wiring-electricianHard wiring your home or office to the internet increases the reliability and speed of your network. It is something which can be done with a few simple tips and a bit of professional know-how- completed quickly and easily.

Firstly you need to determine where you want the ports to be around the house and how many you want in each location. For example, generally the main TV in a house will also have a Blu-ray player or console of some sort, so it's probably a good idea to have 4 ports here. It is not very difficult to run many cables rather than one, but it is more difficult to run a new cable at a later date, so it is better to overestimate the number of ports required at each location. Then you need to determine the location where the internet comes into the house. There needs to be adequate space there for the network equipment and it will ideally be central compared to the location of the ports.

The speed required in most home networks is 10mbps, unless you are sharing multimedia, but it is recommended to install a 100 megabit network as the infrastructure for Internet Service Providers will likely improve in the future. Higher network speeds than this can be accommodated for, but the cost for a switch with many ports increases drastically with a gigabit connection, and it is almost always unnecessary.

Installing the wires is something you might want a professional to help you with, as they will have the specific tools required. Drilling through the wall top plates and dropping the end of the cable down is the easiest way to access the ports once you have cut the holes in the wall. You can use string to check the length of cable required to get to each port, or simply run the first cable to that port then pull it up to cut the others. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep everything neat and organised by numbering each cable on both ends and using Velcro strips to keep bunched cables together to reduce mess.

For a professional finish, use a patch panel wall plate and small screwdriver to punch the cables. Each connection should be individually tested before using the system-our professionals are standing by to assist in installing your internet wiring. Give us a call today!


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