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Renovations & Rehabs

renovations-rehab-wiring-2When you are renovating or rehabilitating a house, the electrical demands of the house will change, which may mean major changes to key parts of your electrical circuit. It is advisable to use a professional, as many considerations will need to be taken into account on a case by case basis.

The first thing to consider when undertaking any major renovations or rehabilitations is whether or not you will need a permit to complete the work. If you are just adding a few outlets, it is likely that you will not need a permit (depending on your county), but larger remodeling will require one. If you do require a permit, it does not mean you cannot do the works yourself.

The next thing to think about is the change in total electrical load when the renovations are finished. With most renovations, the increase in load will usually be enough to need to change the size of the circuit breaker box, which requires a professional. This is because the size of the box is normally determined when the building is designed and it is calculated for the original power demands of the building. You should always disconnect the power to the section of the structure you are working in at the circuit breaker before you start work.

If you are demolishing one side of a section of wall or ceiling, you could uncover nearly anything in terms of electrical wiring. If you feel overwhelmed by what you find, that is a sure sign you should consult a professional. If the existing wiring seems simple, you can use it to your advantage. Any outlets on the other side of the wall can easily be duplicated without having to run extra wires from a junction box, but be sure not to use wires running to outlets for powering lights or vice-versa.

If you are unsure about anything when adding new wires to a house, be sure to consult a professional, as fires can easily start in poorly wired houses. Proudly serving the Baltimore region for over 64 years, Milton Electrical Company is here for you - both in the residential and commercial areas. Contact us today!


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