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Service Cable Replacement

service-cable-replacement-electricianIf you have noticed damage of your homes service cable, Then it's time for you to have your service cable inspected and replaced. We're able ascertain the extent of damage, thereby determining the best plan of attack to ensure that your home is free of all safety issues, that can result from damaged and worn service cables.

Understanding the Cause of Service Cable Damage
Damage to existing service cables are typically a result of the combined effects of age and environmental effects, such as sun exposure and extreme cold or hot temperatures. With each passing year, this exposure creates a weakening of the service cable protective lining. Overtime this weakening can breakdown the exterior lining, resulting in exposed wires. Having wires that are exposed can place your home at an increased risk of danger.

Signs That Service Cable Replacement is Needed
There are several signs that service cable replacement is needed, though these signs are often overlooked as, simple electrical issues resulting from a utility provider. Knowing what to look for, can prevent a false assumption that electrical problems are coming from a power company. Primary electrical issues resulting from worn service cables are light flickering, regular power outages, repetitive blown circuit breakers and an usually short lifespan of electrical devices, such as lamps and small kitchen appliances.

How the Need for Service Cable Upgrades are Determined
Along with the initial evaluation of service cables, the need for cable upgrades will be determined. Often an older house will need additional power. Electrical requirements for modern homes are typically higher than what was needed for an average turn of the century home. Today service cables typically range from 100A to 200A, dependent on additional power needs.

For basic electrical purposes, 100A can be adequate, however when adding additional electrical needs, a higher rating such as 150A or 200A is needed in order to regulate proper power usage. Homes that have central heating and air, for example will need service cables that are capable of regulating 150A or higher.

What to Expect During Service Cable Replacement
During the initial service cable evaluation, technicians will visually look for exposed damage. They'll also be locating unseen damage, including potential irregularities from the underground service cables and grounding points. Damage to grounding points can often result from an excess of power fluctuations, as the grounding wires are faced with having to provide additional current to the home.

The actual service cable replacement can be done relatively quickly, typically within one day. The home will be fully disconnected from all power. Once a full disconnection has been done, service cables will be removed and replaced with new upgraded wires and outer wire casings. With new service cables in place, electrical grounding will need to be done to ensure proper electricity regulation, thereby also ensuring that your home and your family are safe from electrical current surges.

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