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Solar Panel Wiring

solar-panel-wiringSolar power provides for inexpensive, clean and - sometimes - efficient stand-alone electricity for your home. While wiring a few solar panels can be a DIY project, if you want best quality and efficiency, a certified vendor, along with a qualified electrician are highly recommended.

First of all, you need to decide how much solar power you want or need. This will affect your choice of the solar panel efficiency, as well as their number. Think of solar panels as a bit more sophisticated batteries, which don't hold any current on their own, but rather produce current when heated by solar power.

When solar panels are wired together, there are three basic ways to do it. Most commonly, they are put together in a parallel connection which provides higher current, at the cost of voltage. Regardless of how many panels you connect in a parallel connection, the output voltage will be exactly the same as the output voltage of a single panel. However, the electricity you produce will roughly equal the sum of all the currents each panel produces (minus some minor losses).

solar-panel-wiringAnother way - less common - is wiring them in a serial connection, where the current vs. voltage ratio will be the other way around. In other words, you will produce current equal to the current of one solar panel, while the voltage will sum up (again, minus some minor losses). The third way -more commonly used than simple serial connection - is a combination of the two. Solar panels are wired up serially in order to produce voltage high enough to suit your needs, and then a few such batches are wired up in a parallel connection in order to produce higher current.

Such a setup can be efficiently made by an expert electrician, who will then be able to provide your home with sufficient power, either as an auxiliary source, or to make you independent from a local power company. What you need to keep in mind is the load your home will burden the solar panels with, as well as their own cost-efficiency. Another important subject is the maintenance of solar panels. You will need to replace them regularly, and since this is a high-activity technological field, chances are that your every new solar panel will be more reliable and more powerful.


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