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EV Wiring for Electric Cars

EV Wiring for Electric Cars

electronic-phone-chargerThe somewhat sporty and stylish electric cars available on the market are certainly enticing. Add to the looks of these models, the driving capability, for a cost far less than gasoline and the minimal environmental impact of driving one, and they become quite desirable. The only downfall, is that to have one, car owners are having to trade out their perfectly good car. Fortunately, there are other options that can give drivers the advantage of having an electric car, for a fraction of the cost of having to buy a new car.

With a modest investment with Milton Electric, you can nearly have any gas powered car converted into an environmentally friendly electric car. The time requirement of having a gas engine converted into an electric car is minimal, ensuring that your car is converted and back on the road in no time. The conversion procedure will be performed by Milton electric trained professionals, ensuring that your new electric car operates smoothly.

Electric Car Conversion Service Procedures

The process of converting a gas powered car into an electric powered car consist of adding specific parts to your current car. An electric motor and battery packs will be built onto your car, to ensure that the car can be propelled down the road through generated electricity. Additionally, an adapter plate, controller and wiring will need to be installed to convert your car into an electric car. The entire process can be quickly performed, allowing you to enjoy a planet friendly ride and a reduced cost when zipping around town or taking long day trips.

Electric car Conversion options

electronic-phone-chargerPrior to having your gas powered car converted to an electric car, you'll need to decide on specific options. The amount of electric power generated can start at 96 volts and can be as high as 192 volts, as a driver, you'll need to decide where you want your car to fall, between the available voltage range. Furthermore, you will need to consider battery options. The battery chosen will determine the extent of available distance per charge.

Where to Charge Your Newly Converted Electric Car

In order to keep your car going, you'll need to keep your batteries charged. Charging can take place, naturally while at home. Though while on the road, specifically while on a weekend getaway, you'll need to recharge the batteries in order to keep going. To accommodate for electric car needs, cities and most small towns have charging stations available.

What to Expect From an Electric Vehicle Conversion

Once Milton Electric has completed the conversion of your car, providing electric power, you can enjoy several advantages. For starters, the cost of transportation will be minimal, You'll also be able to travel further distances without having to stop for additional refueling/recharging. Possibly the greatest advantage, is simply that through operating an electric car, you have dramatically decreased your carbon footprint, and effectively completed your part to ensure that our planet can be enjoyed for many generations to come.



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