4 Projects to Tackle on Your Summer Staycation

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Summer is in full swing, and many of us are dreaming of a relaxing vacation. This year, one in four Americans are skipping the traditional vacation, opting instead for a staycation. Staycations can be just as fun as traveling, without the added expense. Plus, they give homeowners a chance to scratch a project (or two) off the honey-do list!

Here are four easily doable projects you could start (and complete!) this summer on your staycation. You’ll enjoy the comfort of your own home even more and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment after completing a task you’d never get to if you were on the road!

Install Landscape Lighting

Transform your backyard into a luxurious vacation spot you can enjoy 24/7 with landscape lighting. There are various choices available to homeowners (ask us about what options work best for your yard!). Increase safety and curb appeal and enjoy the view after dusk even more from the comfort of home.

Service Your Smoke Detectors

While you have the time, upgrade your smoke detectors to 10-year lithium battery-powered detectors. They’ll keep you and your family safe and save you from having to change the batteries every couple of years. The only chirps you’ll hear on your staycation are from the birds!

Monitor Your AC Unit

Window and portable AC units are perfect this time of year, but are you connected safely? Double-check the amps and voltage, as AC units are typically more powerful than standard household appliances. NEVER run the unit off a power strip or extension cord. Depending on the specs of your model, it may even need its own dedicated wall outlet (we can help with that project!).

Put Up A Ceiling Fan

Cool off AND save money on your staycation with a new ceiling fan! Fans add value year-round and can cut your electric bill by 30 percent in the summertime. You may want an experienced electrician to assist with the process (they make installation a breeze!). You can even install them in your attic or outdoors!

Tackling your honey-do list doesn’t have to feel like a chore this summer, especially when you cross a few items off the list during your staycation. You’ll save money and gain a feeling of accomplishment all while enjoying your time off wisely.

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Hunter Fan Recalls Brunswick

Three and Four Light Ceiling Fans Due to Shock Hazard

On June 20, certain Hunter Brunswick ceiling fans were recalled due to the possibility of damaged light kit wires, posing an electric shock hazard to the consumer. Call us for assistance in replacing the fan with a newer, safer model.

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