5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill this Summer

luxury livingroom with maple floors and leather furniture

Summer is nearly here, and the temperature is rising. You’re tempted to run the air conditioning on full blast but wait…don’t do that! You want to save money this summer, not waste it. Follow these simple tips to keep your electric bill low and spirits high.1. Switch to a smart thermostat You might be thinking… […]

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Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Front Door Lighting

Welcoming residential entryway with overhead litghting

Think of your front door as center stage of your property. When the sun goes down, can guests find it? If so, is it warm and inviting? Front door lighting invites guests in and creates a welcoming atmosphere, all while showcasing your home’s personality.Why Install Front Door Lighting?Front door lighting essentially serves three purposes. It […]

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Take Advantage of These 5 Electrical Safety Spring Cleaning Tips

Overloaded power board and tangled cords in home office

Spring is right around the corner! These next few weeks are traditionally the time of year we clean the house, clear the clutter, and finally find the time to really get our house in order. Electrical inspections may not be part of your annual checklist, but as the temperatures start to warm, consider some of […]

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How to Heat Your Home (Safely) this Winter

Wood burning stove, radiator and convector heater.

As temperatures drop this winter, your first reaction may be to crank up the thermostat. But then you remember what it costs to heat your entire home and wonder if there are better options available. Let’s look at a few other methods to keep warm in the coming months. Wood-Burning Fireplaces Traditional fireplaces look great […]

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Advantages of Installing Timers for Your Lights

Automatic timer for electric lights

Summertime is nearly here, as we’ll soon enjoy the longest day of the year.One of our most popular requests in the summer is timers for exterior lighting. Here are just a few benefits of installing timers around your home:The Safety Benefits of Timers for Outdoor LightingWhen darkness falls, we turn on our lights. It’s natural […]

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Breathe New Life into Your Detached Garage

Detached garage with coach lighting

If you’re currently living in an older home, your detached garage may be without electrical power. With a professional electrical installation, you can breathe new life into this dark, dingy space and add value to your entire property!Here are a few things to consider with your electrician while you transform your garage:Transform Your Detached Garage […]

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Which Type of Lighting is Best for My Home?

Kitchen with large island, exposed ceiling beams and geometric pendant lights

Whether you just purchased a home or are remodeling your existing living space, lighting is a major factor in the functionality as well as the aesthetics of each room. Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and basement all have different dimensions, serve various purposes and can be illuminated in multiple ways.Surface-Mounted vs. Recessed Lighting: Weighing the Pros […]

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