Taking Care of What Truly Matters: Follow These Tips for Older Homes

front view of victorian home

Historic homes are known for their character and charm; however, they’re also known to need a lot of TLC as they age. One of the most common issues historic homeowners might face is old electrical wiring that no longer functions as well as it did in the past, particularly if the home is at least […]

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Details about Home EV Chargers and Installation for Electric Car Owners

man using home EV charger

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever – in fact, sales increased 72% in 2021, according to Kelley Blue Book. The increased demand for electric vehicles means electric car home charging stations are a must-have. While installation is an investment, the benefits of having an EV charger at home makes it well worth your money. […]

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Why Electrical Maintenance is Important to Any Household or Business

view of the house and front yard

It is easy to forget about electrical maintenance. Why? Most wires that power the home or business we never actually see. Plus, many people only think about electricity when they need an electrician or when their clocks need resetting after a bad storm. However, deferring regular maintenance can be damaging in more ways than one. […]

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Winter Electrical Safety Checklist To Get Your Home Winter Ready

Home covered in snow. it's important to have a licensed electrician check the wiring throughout your home to ensure everything is up to code and functioning properly.

1. Check for and prevent leaks Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. The melt from winter snow and ice can cause water leaks that could affect your home’s electrical panels or outlets. Check any equipment that could cause potential leaking, such as your water heater, and ensure it is working properly. Make sure house […]

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The Benefits Of Smart Switches

Young girl turns on a smart switch in a home.

An increasing number of homeowners are adding “smart” devices to their homes. These connected devices and appliances perform tasks or automated routines to save energy, money or time or improve security. In fact, consumers are expected to spend $62 billion worldwide on smart home-related devices in 2021. Smart switches can be an important part of […]

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Power Surges And How To Prevent Them

Although it takes only a split second for a power surge to occur, this massive spike in electricity can wreak havoc – damaging electronic devices, appliances and electric outlets in a home. Since we get many service requests relating to power surges, we wanted to share some helpful information on this topic. Of course, it […]

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A Guide To Hiring An Electrician

Master electrician working on an electrical box.

Whether you are adding a new light fixture, embarking on a home renovation or undertaking a commercial construction project, it is important to hire the best electrician for the job. In fact, hiring the wrong electrician can end up being a costly mistake resulting in additional repairs and fixes. Hiring the wrong electrician can be […]

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Power Up When There Is No Power

Storm clouds over Baltimore's Inner Harbor. A residential power generator can provide temporary power during a power loss emergency.

In the event of a weather disaster, a downed power line or a power grid going offline, a home generator is often a good solution for keeping a home powered-up. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), thunderstorms and lightning occur once every 5 to 6 days in Maryland during the months of […]

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Guidelines For Your Basement Remodel

Finished basement with media center, coffered ceiling and recessed lighting.

Many homeowners who are seeking extra space (or some additional privacy) opt for a finished basement instead of a more expensive and time-consuming home addition. Basement remodels have lots of practical uses, such as: storage area, family room, media or recreation center, home office, man cave, children’s playroom or a guest room. Finishing a basement […]

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