Electrical Tips for Brand-New Homeowners

A joyous moment captured: A woman in the process of moving, holding a key with a radiant smile. The image conveys the excitement and pride of acquiring a new home or space.

Call Today for a Free QuoteCongratulations on unlocking the door to your new home! As you enter this exciting new chapter of your life, Milton Electric is thrilled to accompany you on your move-in journey. Being a first-time homeowner means you will have a season of new beginnings. This adventure will be filled with new […]

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The Rise of Home EV Charger Installation

Electric home EV charger charging an electric car.

Electric vehicles are on the rise, gaining more popularity as consumers are becoming more environmentally friendly. The Department of Energy found 80 percent of EV owners charge at home, especially overnight. Electric vehicles rely on electric charging stations for fuel and aim to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The increased demand for electric vehicles means home […]

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Know When to Replace Your Home’s Electrical Wiring: 10 Lifesaving Signs

Electrical outlet burnt.

Request a QuoteUnderstanding when to update your home’s electrical wiring is essential to keep your home appliances and devices running smoothly. If your home’s electrical wiring is not installed correctly or inspected, you pose a safety hazard to yourself and your family. Contact an electrician to inspect your home’s electrician wiring system to keep you […]

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A Buyer's Guide to Ceiling Fans: What are the Benefits?

Ceiling fan in interior room with a wooden ceiling.

Call Today for a Free QuoteCeiling Fans: What are the Benefits? Ceiling fans have always been a popular choice among homeowners. Whether you have a large or small room, ceiling fans can keep your home consistently cool, no matter your room size. Ceiling fans also do not require a lot of energy to turn on compared […]

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Electrical Safety Tips to Get Your Home Winter Ready

Beautiful blue winter home surrounded by snow in the middle of the night.

Call Today For a Free Quote1. Check for and prevent leaksWater and electricity are a dangerous combination. The melt from winter snow and ice can cause water leaks that could affect your home’s electrical panels or outlets. Check any equipment that could cause potential leaks, such as your water heater, and ensure it works properly. Make […]

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Electrical Upgrades That Can Add Value to Your Home

The exterior of a residential home featuring quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Call Today for a Free QuoteWhen it comes to increasing the value of your home, many homeowners think about renovating their kitchens or bathrooms, adding a fresh coat of paint, or sprucing up the landscaping. While these improvements certainly contribute to a home’s appeal, one area that is often overlooked but can significantly boost your […]

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Understanding Electrical Panels: 7 Signs To Replace Your Electric Panel

New breaker box installed by Milton Electric

Call Today For a Free QuoteElectrical or breaker panels, load centers, service panels, or breaker boxes are crucial in delivering electricity to your home. Often found in basements, garages, or utility closets, these panels connect external wires from the street to your home’s internal wires, powering your lights, appliances, and more. The amperage of these […]

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Embrace Enhanced Home Security with Smart Video Doorbell Systems

Nest and Ring video doorbells.

Call Today for a Free QuoteUpgrade your home security and welcome friends, family, and neighbors while keeping uninvited guests at bay. Discover the latest smart and secure doorbell camera technology, revolutionizing how you interact with your doorstep. With the convenience of your phone, tablet, or PC, you can ensure your home’s safety, whether inside or […]

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Illuminating Your Home: Unveiling the Benefits of Recessed Disc Lighting

Call Today for a Free QuoteAs a homeowner, here are ways to constantly enhance the ambiance and functionality of living spaces. While numerous options are available, recessed disc lighting has become popular among interior designers and homeowners. With its sleek and minimalistic design, recessed disc lighting offers many benefits that can transform any room into […]

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Overloading vs. Faulty Wiring: Differentiating the Causes of Tripped Breakers

An organized arrangement of multiple wires, showcasing meticulous electrical work and precision in cable management.

Call Today for a Free QuoteTripped breakers are a common occurrence in many households and commercial buildings. They serve as a vital safety feature that prevents electrical circuits from overloading and causing potential hazards such as electrical fires. However, when a breaker trips, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. Two primary factors […]

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