Why You Should Never Attempt Electrical Repairs Yourself

A cautionary image emphasizing the importance of professional electrical services.

Call Today for a Free QuoteMany homeowners love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a do-it-yourself project. And folks who are fairly handy enjoy the benefits of “sweat equity” such as saving money, having more control over a project, and being able to complete DIY work on their own schedule. However, some types […]

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The Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Lighting

A festive image illustrating holiday lighting tips: Christmas lights with a guidebox.

Call Today for a Free QuoteMastering the Art of Holiday Lighting: Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Stunning DisplayWith all the excitement that comes with the holidays, it’s easy to go overboard with the decorations. Spend less time searching for burned-out bulbs and more time admiring your display this year by following these simple holiday […]

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How to Use Electric Space Heaters to Keep Your Home Cozy—And Safe

A woman sitting beside a space heater, feeling the warmth as she places her hand near the comforting heat source.

Call Today for a Free QuoteAnyone in the greater Baltimore area knows how unpredictable the weather can be, especially during the “in-between” seasons of spring and fall. Electric space heaters are a good option for providing additional warmth for homes without central heating or for those who don’t like having to switch the central HVAC […]

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What to Know When Your Magnetic Ballast Goes Bad at Your Baltimore Residence

An electrician in action, installing a ballast with focus and expertise.

Call Today For a Free QuoteJust about everyone knows the familiar glow of fluorescent tube lights. You’ll find them in all kinds of homes in the Baltimore area, whether they’re illuminating garages, basements, workshops or even the occasional crawl space or attic. As commonly as fluorescent lighting is used in those types of utility spaces, […]

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Taking Care of What Truly Matters: Follow These Tips for Older Homes

front view of victorian home.

Call Today for a Free QuoteHistoric homes are known for their character and charm; however, they’re also known to need a lot of TLC as they age. One of the most common issues historic homeowners might face is old electrical wiring that no longer functions as well as it did in the past, particularly if […]

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Why Electrical Maintenance is Important to Any Household or Business

View of the house and front yard.

Call Today for a Free QuoteIt is easy to forget about electrical maintenance. Why? Most wires that power the home or business we never actually see. Plus, many people only think about electricity when they need an electrician or when their clocks need resetting after a bad storm. However, deferring regular maintenance can be damaging […]

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Knob-and-Tube Wiring

Vintage knob and tube wiring

Call Today for a Free QuoteWas your home built before 1950? There’s a good chance you have knob-and-tube (K&T) wiring. This early method of wiring was most common in North America from around the 1880s to the 1940s as American’s used less energy and electricians were less skilled.As years passed and more energy is consumed […]

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