Saving On Energy With Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans can be an easy update to an old room and add significant circulation. This is beneficial during summer months to circulate cold air and in the winter months to push down warm air. Whether you are looking for a quick decoration update or want to make your home more energy efficient, adding a ceiling fan could be a good choice for your home.

Discover the Year-Round Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan in your home can save you money each month on your utility bills, when used correctly. Many ask what the benefits of having a ceiling fan are and worry about leaving the fan on, then increasing their utility bill. When used properly, a ceiling fan can provide breeze in the summer months and push down warm air in the winter months.

When you set your fan to run in a clockwise direction, it pushes the air towards the ceiling, pushing the warm air down without a chilling breeze. This moves the warm air down and circulates it through the room instead of rising to the top, having the heating unit work harder to fill the room with warm air. In the summer, you should remember to set your fan to run in a counter-clockwise direction to circulate the air and maintain a cool breeze. Effective circulation can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler and decrease air conditioning bills by up to 40%. There are also energy saving ceiling fan products that can circulate up to 15% more air.

Strategic Placement: Where to Install Ceiling Fans for Optimal Results

Make sure your ceiling fans are strategically placed throughout your home or business in rooms that are used the most often. Also, make sure your ceiling fan blades are 7-9 feet above the floor, and 10-12 inches below the ceiling. Your ceiling fan should also be installed 18 inches away from any walls.

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