Dimmer Lighting

Two different types of electric dimmer switches

As the leaves begin to change this fall, so will the time the sun begins to rise. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a dark morning and being greeted by lights that are too bright, but Milton Electric has a solution: dimmer light switches! Dimmers not only give you the option to control the light-intensity of any room, but also have the added benefit of cost and energy savings.

Set the Mood
Your home is the center for many activities this fall: Halloween parties, watching football, Thanksgiving dinner, you name it. Different events require different ambiances, and dimmer lighting allows you to change the mood from bright to cozy in just one switch. These lighting features can transform any room and create functionality in small spaces.

Save Energy
Traditional light switches have only two energy outputs: 0% or 100%. Dimmer light switches can function at any range in-between saving a lot of energy. The option to dim a light by just 25%, for example, can save up to 80% of the energy that a normal switch would use. Not only do dimmers reduce the energy usage in your own home but contribute to worldwide energy saving efforts.

Cut the Costs
Lower energy outputs translate to lower energy bills. In fact, by installing dimmers and reducing the wattage of your light bulbs, you can cut your energy bill by up to 25%! Additionally, dimming lights can increase the life of a light bulb from only about 5-6 months to up to 4 years. That’s a lot less money spent annually on light bulbs!

Trust the Best
Our electricians at Milton were recently voted Best Electrician in the Baltimore Sun’s Best of Baltimore: Reader’s Choice. When it comes to installing dimmer light switches, put your trust in the best.

Sit back, dim the lights, and let the professionals at Milton Electric set the mood for all your festivities this fall. Take the first step toward a perfectly lit home – give us a call today!

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