Five Electrical Tips for a Worry-Free Summer Vacation

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Summertime, and the living’s easy. School’s out, temps are up and a leisurely vacation is calling your name. But before you and the family head off to paradise, there are a few simple steps to take to save some money and help ensure you have a house to come home to after the trip is over.

Smart Pre-Vacation Home Energy and Safety Tips

  1. Turn up the thermostat – Nowadays, homeowners can control their thermostat from their cell phone, but for those of us who still do things the old-fashioned way, setting the thermostat four degrees higher than normal will save you some cash. Don’t get greedy, though. Setting the thermostat too high can damage drywall, and high humidity levels in the home could lead to mildew.
  2. Check the sump pumps – That tropical island may be dry and sunny, but back home torrential thunderstorms are popping up on the radar. Be sure to test your sump pumps to ensure that the water stays out of your home while you’re away. Consider battery backups if your area is prone to power outages.
  3. Hit the lights – While most appliances should be unplugged while you’re away, keeping lights on can give the appearance that someone is home. All you need to do is set a few lights around the house on timers. For instance, have the master bedroom lit up at 9pm, and have the lights go off a few hours later. Do this in a few rooms around the house, and you’ll give the impression that someone is home (try not to spoil the plan by posting pictures on social media letting everyone know you’re not home!).
  4. Unplug the electronics – Turn off and unplug power strips, computers, game consoles, TVs and anything else that draws power while you’re away. Not only will you save money on your utility bill, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable electronics won’t be damaged in an unexpected storm.
  5. Cool off – There’s no need for hot water in the home while you’re away. Most hot water heaters have a vacation setting; use it. If yours does not, set the temperature to low. Just remember to turn it back up before hopping into the shower upon returning home… brrr! Another option is to simply turn off the main water supply to your house.

While we can’t promise you’ll have perfect weather or an amazing experience while you’re away, hopefully, these tips help ensure you don’t come home to a catastrophe. A little planning before packing goes a long way. If you need help preparing or have any electrical concerns, contact a professional at Milton Electric. We’ll help set your mind at ease so you can fully relax and unwind on your vacation.

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