Electrical Tips for Brand-New Homeowners

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Congratulations on unlocking the door to your new home! As you enter this exciting new chapter of your life, Milton Electric is thrilled to accompany you on your move-in journey. Being a first-time homeowner means you will have a season of new beginnings. This adventure will be filled with new emotions, memories, expectations, and possibilities. 

Before you start picking out furniture and planning your housewarming party, you will want to ensure your new home’s electricity is flowing as it should. Here are a few helpful new home electrical safety tips to consider as you settle into your dream home. 

Essential Electrical Safety Tips for Your New Home

As with anything related to your home’s electricity, your safety comes first. As a first-time homeowner, you must have a licensed electrician perform a general safety electrical audit on your home’s electrical system.

Residential electricians must inspect your electrical systems because they are different than home inspectors. Home inspectors will inspect all the interior areas of your new home and its surrounding areas. Home inspectors will inspect your new home's interior and surrounding areas, including your basement, attic, plumbing, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas, while an electrician will concentrate exclusively on assessing your electrical systems and electrical wiring. Home inspectors are not licensed electricians and may not thoroughly examine your electrical systems. As a first-time homeowner, seeking advice from an electrician can provide invaluable insights into your electrical needs.  

For your safety and peace of mind, here are a few electrical items found in your new home that a certified electrician will have to review on their electrical safety checklist: 

  • Electrical Wiring: An electrician will check for outdated aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring and look for any damage. If you notice frayed wires, contact an electrician for immediate upgrades.   
  • Outlet Safety: Electricians will test your outlets, testing them for functionality and proper grounding. If your new home has outlets showing wear and tear, an electrician will help you choose the best type and replacement. 
  • Electrical Panel: You will need an upgrade in your electrical panel if there are issues with the fuse boxes and the circuit breakers. An expert electrician can tell the signs of an outdated electrical panel in need of an upgrade.  
  • Light Fixtures: As a new homeowner, you may encounter issues with your light fixtures and their wiring. Electricians offer a variety of light fixture replacements to solve your lighting troubles.  

Having a professional electrician by your side not only enhances the safety of your residence but also contributes to creating a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment in the long term.  

Electrical Upgrades for a New Homeowner 

Whether your new home is only a few years old or half a century, it’s likely you will be looking for electrical enhancements to modernize, improve efficiency, and enhance the comfort of your home. Fortunately, many of these electrical upgrades can be handled by your certified local electrician. If planning to reside in your home for the foreseeable future, it’s essential to incorporate modern electrical features. An electrician can assist with the installation of different electrical amenities like an at home electrical vehicle charger, LED lighting, video doorbells, and GFCI outlets 

Being a new homeowner can be quite costly. After receiving your first BGE bill in your new home, you may find energy-efficient options to reduce your utility bills. Consult with an electrician to find the best energy savers like high-efficiency LED lighting and magnetic light ballasts in garages, basements, and other workspaces.  

Make Yourself at Home: Ensure Electrical Safety with Local Certified Electricians

When it comes to your new home's electrical wiring system, trust the expertise of a local certified electrician. They will ensure your electrical safety and protection from power surges, smoke, or carbon monoxide. Their competence is reflected in the installation of the proper equipment and detectors.    

After successfully navigating the new home-buying process and moving in, you’re likely exhausted from dealing with paperwork. The thought of handling permits and deciphering which upgrades require them is likely something you’d rather avoid. Getting the expertise of a professional electrician can remove this burden. Electricians help bring peace of mind into your new home investment.  

Upgrade with Confidence: Choose Milton Electric for Your New Home's Electrical Needs'

Upon receiving your keys to your dream home, one of your priorities should be electrical safety. Start by contacting an electrician, like Milton Electric. The Milton Electric team has served families in the Baltimore-Metro area for nearly 75 years. They prioritize keeping you, your family, and your home safe from any electrical fires or hazards. If you are a first-time homeowner, give Milton Electric a call today to inspect your home's electrical system.  


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