Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Front Door Lighting

Welcoming residential entryway with overhead litghting

Think of your front door as center stage of your property. When the sun goes down, can guests find it? If so, is it warm and inviting? Front door lighting invites guests in and creates a welcoming atmosphere, all while showcasing your home’s personality.

Why Install Front Door Lighting?

Front door lighting essentially serves three purposes. It welcomes guests into your home, it provides light for security and safety, and highlights your home’s natural architectural beauty.

What Style Works Best for Your Space?

Take a close look at your front door to determine what type of fixture would work best for your space. You’re basically choosing between wall-mounted lighting, ceiling lighting, or a combination of the two (space permitting).

What Are Your Options?

We’ve narrowed it down to three basic styles to choose between: lanterns, sconces, and pendants. Obviously, when choosing between fixtures, choose one that matches the style of your home.

  • Lanterns can either be mounted on your wall or hung from the ceiling. Typically, you’ll find two lanterns greeting you at the front door (one on each side of the door frame).
  • Sconces are like lanterns, but you won’t find them hanging from the ceiling.
  • Pendants are hung from the ceiling above the front door.

Thinking of adding lighting or upgrading your existing doorway lighting? Give us a call at 410-276-3420 We’re more than happy to evaluate your space and discuss which options would work best for your home.