Enhance Your Outdoor Living with Patio Lighting

Patio lighting helps create an inviting outdoor getaway

Don’t let social distancing prevent you from being social! Now that summer is in full swing, warmer evenings beckon us to the deck or patio for unwinding in the evening. Good patio lighting can help you create your own “great outdoors” and spend time (in person) with the people you love!

Whether it’s for cooking, entertaining, or just unwinding, when summer evenings beckon you to the deck or patio, make sure your patio lighting is up to the task. These outdoor lighting tips will help you get the most from your outdoor living space.

Outdoor lighting ads elegance to your outdoor living areas

Designed for Function: Patio Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Bliss

Just because outdoor lighting is functional does not mean it needs to be boring. There are ways to illuminate your space so you’re not grilling and socializing in the dark.

  • Stairs – Perhaps the most functional patio/deck lighting is step deck lighting. Not only do they illuminate your path, which ensures safety, but they add style to your space depending on which fixture you choose.
  • Sconces – Whether you choose cylinder, candle-style, gooseneck, lantern, or other style, sconces add style and warmth to your outdoor space. They illuminate doorways and walls. Traditionally, they should be installed at least six feet apart.
  • Pendants – Outdoor pendant lights are an excellent choice if you have a covered deck and prefer a low-hanging light source. Pendant lights provide direct light above outdoor dining or seated areas.

Outdoor lighting makes your home shine from the outside, in

Designed for Style: Landscape Lighting and Spotlights

If your style leans contemporary, bohemian, or rustic, there are various ways to merge function with innovation.

  • Landscape/Spotlights – You’ve worked hard on your home’s exterior by day, you might as well show it off at night! Landscape lighting and spotlights will turn your dark patio into an extension of your living room!
  • Sculpture – Who says lighting needs to be traditional? If you appreciate the unconventional, a light sculpture may be an excellent accent piece for you. Outdoor floor lamps might also speak to your style.
  • Layers – If you have many architectural elements on your patio/deck and a combination of textures and finishes, layers your lighting can help to highlight the nuances of your space.

If you take your time designing your outdoor space for maximum light and comfort this summer, you’ll be prepared for when those hot summer nights give way crisp fall evenings! Whichever outdoor lighting solution you choose, remember to hire professional for safety and ease. At Milton Electric, we are your local experts in patio and outdoor lighting. Let us help you create the deck or patio of your summer dreams!

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