A Guide To Hiring An Electrician

Master electrician working on an electrical box.

Whether you are adding a new light fixture, embarking on a home renovation or undertaking a commercial construction project, it is important to hire the best electrician for the job. In fact, hiring the wrong electrician can end up being a costly mistake resulting in additional repairs and fixes. Hiring the wrong electrician can be a safety hazard too. Subpar electrical work can put your home at risk for an electrical fire, which is the second leading cause of U.S. home fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. There are local, state and federal guidelines surrounding electrical work that must be adhered to, so it is important that the electrician you choose has the right licensing. Before you book an electrician for residential or commercial work, follow this hiring guide to find the best electrician for your project.

Hiring a Commercial Electrician vs. a Residential Electrician

Master electrician working on wiring a large project. Commercial electricians and residential electricians typically do very different work, and may have different licensing and training. Commercial electrical work often involves projects with high load demands and energy needs and sometimes tighter project schedules. Residential electricians tend to work on smaller scale projects - for example, a home requires far less electrical demand than an office building or shopping center. When interviewing potential electricians, find out where their experience primarily lies and get some examples of the type of jobs they’ve done. Some companies, like Milton Electric, have expertise in both residential and commercial electrical services. Finding the right type of electrician for the job is the first step in ensuring your project has a successful outcome.

Questions to Ask an Electrician in an Interview

Any truly qualified electrician won’t shy away from answering questions about their experience, training or specifics surrounding the job itself. To help ensure you are making the best choice, take the time to ask the following questions:

Is Your Business Insured?

Unfortunately, accidents and incidents occasionally happen on the job. It is critical that you hire an electrician who is fully insured so that you are not held liable for injuries or damage sustained during an accident.

What Work is Included in The Cost and What May Be Extra?

Getting a clear idea of financial expectations is important for any electrical job. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in the estimate and what falls outside of the scope. Don’t forget to ask about disposal of any equipment that is being replaced, and to specify the quality (e.g. brand, model) of any new items that are being installed. Also, find out what parts or services may fall under a warranty.

Can You Provide Some References?

Nothing speaks more to the quality of someone’s work than their professional references. Take time to review their online testimonials and customer reviews - these will be good indicators of the electrician’s professionalism and work quality.

Tips for Researching Electricians Before Hiring

In addition to the above interview questions, it is important to consider the electrician’s professionalism and reliability. You will be able to form an opinion about this by your own first impressions, as well as by doing a little background research on the company. For example Milton Electric has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a high customer satisfaction rating with Google, Facebook and Yelp. Online reviews can help you get an additional sense of customer experiences.


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