Keep It Cool: Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Electrician fixing a ceiling fan

Sunnier days and warmer nights are finally upon us! Ceiling fans are an excellent and energy-efficient way to prep your home for maximum cooling satisfaction.


Energy Efficient

Ceiling fans can lower your energy costs and consumption by up to 40%! Because the fan cools so well, you can set your thermostat higher, thus saving on your electric bill. Every degree that you raise the thermostat over 80 degrees saves 3-5% on cooling costs for the year. Reversible ceiling fans can also save you money in the winter!

Cools Naturally

Ceiling Fan on Porch
Although a ceiling fan doesn’t change the room temperature, the air movement cools you off. The breeze feels so nice because the fan is evaporating moisture from your skin. Plus, they make the room feel up to 5 degrees cooler!

They Look Great!

Ceiling fans aren’t just for functionality, they can be a beautiful – even artistic – addition to your home!

Choose the Right Fan

For maximum performance, you’ll need to choose the right fan to fit your room size. For long or large rooms, you should consider more than one fan to handle your cooling requirements. For ceilings lower than eight feet, purchase a ceiling mounting kit or go with a snugger or hugger model to achieve the desired seven-foot blade clearance. For ceilings above eight feet, the fan should be hung by a down rod extension so that the fan is eight or nine feet from the floor. You will want to hang it at this level since the higher the fan is hung above eight feet, the less air circulates near the floor.

Room Size Fan Blade Span
Small rooms/bathrooms up to 50 sq. ft. 29″
Breakfast nooks and laundry rooms up to 75 sq. ft. 36″
Medium size rooms, about 100 sq. ft. 36″ to 42″
Standard bedrooms and family rooms up to 400 sq. ft. 50″ or 52″
Great rooms or large areas larger than 400 sq. ft. 54″ or larger

Ceiling fan installation is not a simple DIY project. You need a proper power source installed into the ceiling. Hiring a professional for installation is imperative because all it takes is one small mistake in the installation process which can cause inconveniences like flickering lights or a wobbly fan. Call us at 410-276-3420 for a free estimate. We’re happy to help!