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Take Advantage of These 5 Electrical Safety Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is right around the corner! These next few weeks are traditionally the time of year we clean the house, clear the clutter, and finally find the time to really get our house in order. Electrical inspections may not be part of your annual checklist, but as the temperatures start to warm, consider some of […]

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Holiday Lighting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Lighting With all the excitement that comes with the holidays, it’s easy to go overboard with the decorations. Spend less time searching for burned out bulbs and more time admiring your display this year by following these simple tips: Do: When hanging lights in hard-to-reach places, make sure your […]

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Dimmer Lighting

As the leaves begin to change this fall, so will the time the sun begins to rise. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a dark morning and being greeted by lights that are too bright, but Milton Electric has a solution: dimmer light switches! Dimmers not only give you the option to control the […]

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Advantages of Installing Timers for Your Lights

Summertime is nearly here, as we’ll soon enjoy the longest day of the year. One of our most popular requests in the summer is timers for exterior lighting. Here are just a few benefits of installing timers around your home: 1. Safe When darkness falls, we turn on our lights. It’s natural and (almost) automatic. […]

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Upgrade to USB Outlets and Expand Your Capabilities

Are your current electrical outlets living up to their full potential? We’re all familiar with the basic electrical outlet, a modern convenience for more than a century. Not much has changed in the past few decades, but recent technological advancements have made electrical outlets even more useful than ever before! How? USB charging ports built […]

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