Take Advantage of These 5 Electrical Safety Spring Cleaning Tips

Overloaded power board and tangled cords in home office

Spring is right around the corner! These next few weeks are traditionally the time of year we clean the house, clear the clutter, and finally find the time to really get our house in order. Electrical inspections may not be part of your annual checklist, but as the temperatures start to warm, consider some of these handy home maintenance tips to ensure your house is in tip-top shape this spring.

Inspect Extension Cords

It’s been a few months since Christmas, and your cords may have been out in the elements for months. It would be advisable to inspect your existing extension cords before trimming the hedges or plugging in that pressure washer. Extension cords can become worn out over time and become fire hazards. Be sure to replace damaged cords with new ones that suit your electrical needs, and always ensure your cords are strategically placed and stored out of the flow of traffic to avoid accidents.

Replace Defective Light Bulbs

Do your lights flicker or dim for no apparent reason? It’s extremely important to use the correct wattage for your household bulbs, and it’s crucial to replace faulty and damaged light bulbs to avoid future electrical safety issues. Changing worn out light bulbs will allow for better performance and ultimately provide a safer environment for you and your family.

Utilize Energy-Saving Replacements

Applying energy-saving tools to your spring-cleaning checklist can provide numerous benefits. Energy-saving replacements help make your home eco-friendlier by saving electricity (and money!) as well as reducing electrical hazards that could occur with older or faulty appliances.

Reduce Clutter

Are tangled cords a culprit in your home? Tangled cords can become damaged or frayed, increasing the risk of electrical shock or fire. A tangled mess increases the chance of damaging electrical equipment by inducing power loss or by accidentally pulling out one cord while working with another. Keep your wires neat and organized with cable ties or approved clips.

Schedule a Home Inspection

At Milton Electric, our main concern is the safety of your home’s electrical components. This spring, please be attentive to your home’s electrical system and energy use. If you suspect any issues, our professional team is standing by to alleviate any and all concerns. Save time and money and eliminate any headaches with Milton Electric!

 Not sure your home’s electrical system is as squeaky-clean as it should be? Call the pros at Milton Electric at 410-276-3420 to assist with your Electrical Spring-Cleaning Checklist!

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