Shed Some Light on the New School Year

child in indoor lighting
As your children are getting settled into their new classes and workloads, it’s important to create an environment outside of the classroom where they can work in the evenings and weekends. See the tips below about how to create a workspace ideal for productivity.

USB Outlets

usb outlets Homework looks different for our children’s generation than it did for ours. Most of their work requires a computer, laptop, or tablet. With that, comes the need to charge multiple devices at once. Instead of crowding a power strip, have you considered upgrading a few of your current outlets by adding USB charging ports to the outlet? The USB ports allow you to charge devices while leaving the receptacles open.

Interior Lighting

Will the kids be doing their homework and projects in their bedroom this semester? The kitchen? What is the lighting like in that space? A desk lamp won’t cut it for extended hours of study. A bright workspace will allow your child to be more comfortable while studying. The proper lighting reduces stress on the eyes and prevents fatigue. Ambient lighting such as recessed lighting or direct lighting like wired sconces would be great additions to any workspace to ensure optimum productivity.

Exterior Lighting

home with exterior lighting Autumn and winter may be crisp and refreshing, but daylight dwindles early. When the kids come home from sporting events, rehearsals, and after-school activities it’s usually dark. Make sure you not only leave a light on but that it’s a bright one! A well-lit porch and yard make for a warm homecoming at the end of the day, not to mention it lessens the risk of tripping or fumbling for keys.

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