The Cost of Bad Electrical Work

One of the most common calls we receive at Milton is a panicked customer who says the electrician they hired (from another company) has abandoned their residential or commercial job! Normally it's because the person they hired was too busy to take the job in the first place, or because they didn't have proper licensing. This is understandably frustrating for our customers and we hate to see it happen!

Here’s how you can protect yourself and be proactive:

1. Do Not Just "Call a Friend"

Sure, we all know someone handy. But if they tell you that they’ve fixed a similar problem in their own home, kindly thank them and call a professional. If they are not a licensed electrician, you do not want them tinkering with your electricity. They could make matters worse or get injured on your property. Neither of which is worth the potential liability.

2. Do Not Do It Yourself

Youtube instructional videos are usually great, but when it comes to the wiring in your home or office, watching a five-minute video is not going to cut it.

Properly diagnosing an electrical problem is just as important as fixing it. If you are not entirely sure why your lights are flickering or something smells like it’s burning, it’s best not to investigate the problem yourself.

We can guarantee you, more times than not, a DIY electrical remedy ends up costing people more in the long run. You save money by doing it right the first time by calling a professional than running the risk of injury or accidents.

3. Do Not Hire the First Company You See

Google is an excellent tool, but hiring the right electrician requires a little more digging than a simple search. Here are a few things to consider when seeking a reliable company:

  • Ask trustworthy friends and neighbors which company they’ve been happy with in the past.
  • Make sure the electrician is licensed. We get calls, so often, from customers asking us to take permits for work completed by an unlicensed electrician – which ends up being costly for the customer because they end up paying double for a single job.
  • Research their reputation: check Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.

Finding a company that you can depend on can seem daunting, but a little research can go a long way. Save yourself the time, money, and stress! Give us a call at 410-276-3420 for a free quote and peace of mind.

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