What's on Your Vision Board?

Thanks to Pinterest, we can have virtual vision boards for everything on our “wildest dreams” list. Dream rooms, dream weddings, dream vacations… the list goes on.

What’s on your Pinterest “home” board? What does your ideal living space look like? Are you trying to set a cozy, calm, and relaxing tone? Or are you going for vibrant, wild, and colorful? Lighting, more than any component, will help achieve your ideal environment.

Dream Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is essential to your daily routine. That’s why you should choose lighting options carefully to fit your needs. Adding task lighting on each side of your vanity mirror will evenly spread the light on your face and will be extra flattering. Showers tend to be dull if not lighted properly so overhead lighting would add brightness to your morning.



Dream Kitchen/Dining

Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of light for a room. It provides a sense of warmth and depth for a space. Lighter tones can help keep the environment awake and bright. Darker tones can be great for later at night after a long day of work. This is accomplished by using fixtures such as chandeliers, track lights, recessed lights, and wall/ceiling fixtures.

Check out some of the hottest lighting trends of 2020 for inspiration.

Do you have family photos and art that could use some illumination? Consider installing accent lights to give emphasis to noteworthy décor.



Dream Curb Appeal

A well-lit outdoor space is both practical and appealing. It makes your home safer and more comfortable to come home to. Consider in-ground lights highlight your garden and pathways. If adding a hot tub is on your to-do list this year, we can help ensure safety and caution while installing the wiring.


Pinterest is a great place to start painting a picture of what you want your home to look like this year. While many home improvement projects are DIY, lighting should not be one of them. Make sure your upgrades are done by a professional electrician to avoid potential danger. Give Milton Electric a call at 410-276-3420. We’d love to help you bring your 2020 vision to life!

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