Why Electrical Maintenance is Important to Any Household or Business

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It is easy to forget about electrical maintenance. Why? Most wires that power the home or business we never actually see. Plus, many people only think about electricity when they need an electrician or when their clocks need resetting after a bad storm. However, deferring regular maintenance can be damaging in more ways than one.

Preventing Electrical Hazards with Maintenance

Did you know the United States averages $1.3 billion in property damage from home electrical fires each year? Bad wiring is often the culprit for both homeowners and commercial properties. People usually experience a burning smell, see smoke and/or hear odd sounds, putting your property, and most importantly, people, in danger.

Reduce Energy Cost

light bulb with coins next to it Outdated equipment can inflate your electric bill significantly. However, regular maintenance can expand life and reliability, saving you money.

Check for Upgrades

Sometimes an upgrade is best for you, whether for convenience or an outdated component. For instance, an upgrade may be needed if:

  • You have an older building or home with a panel box more than 25 years old: New Electrical Panel
  • You want extra security at your doorway: Video Doorbell
  • You want to control temperatures, and you want to save on electric bills: Ceiling Fans
  • Your attic has mold, mildew, and structural damage: Attic Fans
  • You are looking to control the ambiance of the room based on the activity, programmed to turn on when someone enters a room and turn off when they leave: Smart Switch

Enhance Productivity

It is challenging to get anything done in the office or at your business when power outages occur. However, you can ensure that your electricity will work correctly in everyday life without issues with regular maintenance. During a maintenance check, an electrician will check for things such as:

  • GFCI outlets are correctly wired
  • If exterior electrical wires are damaged
  • Capacity of the circuit breaker panel
  • Check the condition of wall outlets (indoor and outdoor)

Check Previous Work from Non-Professionals 

Not all properties are wired equally. New electrical work is up to code, but older buildings, unqualified electricians’ work, or do-it-yourself jobs can have risks. Do-it-yourselfers are more likely to establish overloaded circuits, faulty connections, overheating, sparks, fires, and other damage.

In addition to dimming lights, below are a few warning signs to look for:

Keep Your Home Safe With Electrical Maintenance

It’s imperative to have an electrician perform electrical maintenance regularly for testing, inspecting, monitoring, replacing, and more. Save time money and keep you and those around you safe. Contact Milton Electric or call 410-276-3420.

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