Why You Should Never Attempt Electrical Repairs Yourself

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Many homeowners love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a do-it-yourself project. And folks who are fairly handy enjoy the benefits of “sweat equity” such as saving money, having more control over a project, and being able to complete DIY work on their own schedule. However, some types of projects are best left to the pros, and electrical repairs fall squarely into this category. Here’s why.

Not worth the risk

The simplest and most straightforward reason to let electrical professionals handle it is this: You could seriously injure or even kill yourself if you make the wrong kind of mistake while doing electrical repair work.

This is especially important to understand when an electrical component fails or needs repair, usually evidenced by burn-marked or buzzing outlets, frequently tripped circuit breakers or even a slight burning odor. Those signs mean something has gone dangerously wrong; it’s time to heed the most caution and put the DIY gloves aside.

And regardless of what component has malfunctioned, even if a repair project supposedly only deals with “low voltage,” or if you’re “totally positive the breaker switch is turned off for this outlet,” the risk of being wrong is really—really—not worth it.

Attempting DIY electrical repair brings with it risks not just to your health, but also to your home. For example, making a mistake with wiring or installation of circuitry can result in a fire. And if those wires or connections are located out of sight (as most are), any electrical short or spark may go unnoticed until the smoke and flames start to do damage.

Fortunately, all of these risks are easily avoidable by bringing in a professional for residential electrical repairs. It’s much safer to get your home’s “juice” flowing just right by going with pros who know, such as a trusted electrician in Baltimore who is licensed, bonded, and insured for all the work they do in your home.

Not worth the hassle

Even if you follow the proper safety procedures and use the right PPE, electrical repairs can be a hassle. Unlike many common DIY projects like painting, flooring, and refinishing furniture, electrical work involves much more science and physics.

This steepens the learning curve when trying to tackle these types of projects and can add to the expense due to the specialty tools and materials needed for many electrical repairs.

And all the seasoned do-it-yourselfers out there know the dreaded feeling of having to race to the hardware store before it closes to shell out for a tool or component after something went awry in their attempt to tackle a new home improvement discipline.

You may also not want to take the time to go to YouTube to learn the difference between volts, watts, and amps. Besides, if you need to go to YouTube for that, it stands to reason that you shouldn’t be attempting your own electrical repairs anyway!

Jokes aside, if you make a mistake during the project or finish a project improperly without knowing it, you may actually put your home in jeopardy of falling out of compliance with the building and electrical codes in your jurisdiction.

This could pose a big challenge when going to sell, and may also cause issues with your homeowner’s insurance. And it’s a safe bet that most folks want to avoid surprises from home inspectors and headaches with their insurance company.

Conversely, it’s best to preserve both your well-being and peace of mind by hiring qualified electrical professionals for any sort of electrical repairs inside or outside your home. For homeowners throughout the Baltimore area, your friends at Milton Electric are standing by and ready to assist for residential electrical repairs of all sizes. Simply contact us online or call 410-680-3002 today!

Remember: As satisfying as it may be to go the DIY route, don’t go straight to the hardware store when an electrical issue arises in your home. Go to the pros. It’s worth it.

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