How to Heat Your Home (Safely) this Winter

Wood burning stove, radiator and convector heater.

As temperatures drop this winter, your first reaction may be to crank up the thermostat. But then you remember what it costs to heat your entire home and wonder if there are better options available. Let’s look at a few other methods to keep warm in the coming months.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces look great and add to your home’s ambience. They also emit heat, but not as efficiently as you’d like. Couple that with the hassle of storing and chopping wood and actively maintaining a fire, and you’ll probably want to look elsewhere for a more convenient heating option this season.

Space Heaters

Safety is the primary concern when using space heaters. While they’re certainly cheap and convenient, space heaters tend to overload your existing circuits. If you plan on using a space heater this winter, consider adding a dedicated circuit to avoid this issue. Additionally, always keep flammable materials at least three feet away from the heater, turn it off while sleeping, and never power it with an extension cord.

Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters are powerful, compact and economical and can be wired to your home. Electric baseboard heaters use convection heating and are generally considered much safer than space heaters. Mounted to the bottom of your wall, baseboard heaters force cold air to the bottom of the room while maintaining warmth in the air that rises from them. They are silent, safe and attractive as they have a low-profile.

Fan-Forced Heaters

Fan-forced electric wall heaters can be mounted to your wall in virtually any room of the house and can be wired to your home’s electric. Since a fan is blowing the hot air into the room, they heat rooms quicker than baseboard heaters (but do make noise). They are perfect for smaller rooms as they don’t take up any floor space.

The Choice is Yours!

There are numerous options for heating your home this winter, and the choice is yours as to which solution best fits your needs. No matter which option you choose, the team at Milton Electric is here for you. Give us a call at 410-276-3420; we would love to help safely and efficiently help heat your home this winter!

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