Wireless Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector

It’s that time of year again. Summer is fading, the kids are heading back to school and you’ll be switching off the AC unit and warming up by a cozy fire before you know it.

Is your home ready for the changing of the seasons? Now’s a great time to be proactive and look at your fire escape plan, specifically your current smoke detectors.

Wired vs Wireless

Hardwired smoke detectors have been the gold standard for decades. In fact, The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72) has required smoke alarms in new homes to be interconnected since 1989. The main alarm is wired to your electrical panel, and additional alarms are connected to this alarm (via wire) and placed throughout the home. When one alarm is triggered, they all go off.

Wireless smoke detectors utilize this same interconnectivity, but without the wires! The price difference is significant, as there’s no need to drill and run wires through walls and ceilings to make the system work.


Obviously, a wired system is powered by electricity, though all systems are equipped with battery backups in case the power goes out. Our wireless alarms contain 10-year tamper proof batteries that eliminate the need for battery replacement (as well as late night chirps that may prompt someone to attempt to remove the battery!).

Technical Advancements

Wireless technology has evolved exponentially over the years, and wireless smoke detectors have increased in popularity. Wireless systems communicate with each other multiple times daily, meaning each device is accounted for, and if one were to fail you’ll be able to easily pinpoint which needs service (or replacement).

Rest Easy this Fall

You’ve got enough to worry about over the next few months; the safety of your home and family shouldn’t be one of them. Keep them safe with wireless smoke detectors.

*Don’t forget about your rental properties. State law requires interconnected smoke detectors on every level of the property.

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