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Elevate Your Home's Safety with GFCI Outlets

Did you know GFCI outlets safeguard your home from electrical dangers? GFCI outlets ensure electrical safety, especially in areas near water sources. It's important to stay current with the safety standards and procedures, and Milton Electric in Baltimore, MD will help you get there. 

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At Milton Electric, we have the skills to handle various electrical tasks, from installing ceiling fans to wiring new homes. With our expertise and years of experience, we are committed to delivering top-notch electrical services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Trust us to get the job done right.

6 Common Areas Where GFCI Outlets Are Typically Required:

  1. Bathrooms: GFCI outlets should be installed within six feet of any sink or water source to protect against water-related accidents.
  2. Kitchens: GFCI outlets are necessary for all outlets near sinks, countertops, and areas where electrical appliances are commonly used.
  3. Outdoor areas: GFCI outlets should be used for any outlets installed outside the house, including garages, decks, patios, and porches, to protect against moisture and weather conditions.
  4. Basements and crawl spaces: GFCI outlets are required in these areas due to their potential for dampness and moisture.
  5. Laundry rooms: GFCI outlets are essential near laundry sinks or utility tubs to protect against water-related hazards.
  6. Garages and workshops: GFCI outlets are recommended in these areas due to the presence of electrical tools and equipment, which increases the risk of electrical accidents.
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Ensuring Safety in Older Homes in the Baltimore Area

For older homes that have undergone electrical system upgrades, Milton Electric will help upgrade outdoor outlets and those within six feet of plumbing fixtures to GFCI receptacles. This upgrade is crucial for preventing electrocution and ensuring your family's safety. In most cases, a single GFCI outlet can protect multiple bathroom receptacles throughout the home. GFCI outlets also are needed to safeguard kitchen counter outlets.

How GFCI Outlets Protect You?

GFCI outlets protect against electrical shocks, while circuit breakers prevent fires caused by electrical overloading. Circuit breakers shut off electricity flow when there is excessive demand, preventing wires from overheating and potentially igniting a fire within the walls of your home.

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Delano came to our house all week to change some knob and tube, add some outlets, and change the panel. He was kind, thoughtful, professional, communicative, and on time. He explained everything he was doing/did and was patient with questions. Milton Electric was responsive and easy to work with in general!! Highly recommend.
Jodi Bosket-TullyJodi Bosket-Tully
16:09 12 Oct 22
Milton Electric has been great. Delano has done multiple jobs at our house and is always on time, very friendly and efficient with his work. We will continue to request him for future service!
Amy KlostermanAmy Klosterman
14:36 20 Jul 22
I have nothing but good things to say about Milton Electric, from the first step with the estimator, to the responsive folks at the office and, finally, the excellent work provided by Denny and Delano. I needed to have the overhead line to my garage restored after storm damage, plus a few related things, and Denny and Delano arrived on time, creatively met the challenges of my old house, and cheerfully responded to all the questions lobbed at them while they were working. All in all a great experience. I’d definitely call them again for future work.
William KinsleyWilliam Kinsley
21:22 02 May 22
My wife and I were most pleased with Milton Electric Co. Tina was helpful in scheduling our appointment at the earliest possible date. Our Milton electrician for today's visit was Delano, who was friendly, prompt and efficient. Arriving at the early part of our afternoon window, Delano proved a good listener when we showed him the areas where we needed lighting to be installed. He was flexible when we pointed out an additional problem with our outside lighting. His suggestions were helpful. We are grateful for the fine work that Delano performed and will certainly call Milton again for our electrical needs.
Adrienne GrantAdrienne Grant
21:07 02 May 22
The electrician Delano arrived in the early part of the specified window and did a fantastic job installing 4 light fixtures throughout our house and answering some general questions we had about lighting. He was courteous, professional, and efficient. Will definitely call again! Thanks, Delano at Milton Electric!
Maria MendozaMaria Mendoza
21:32 05 Apr 22
Absolutely love this company! Won't hire anyone else! Everyone I have interacted with has been professional, helpful and kind from their receptionist to the electricians themselves. I even had someone from the warehouse answer the phone when the receptionist was out to lunch which is great service in my opinion! This is the second time I had hired them. They were able to book me with relatively short notice when other companies were booked many weeks in advance and were also able to move my appointment on short notice with no issues when my light fixtures had not arrived yet. I was only billed for T&M at an hourly rate and Delano was able to replace (3) ceiling light fixtures for me all within the hour! No additional materials were needed so all I had to pay was 1 hour of labor which was more than fair to me! Delano was professional, friendly and efficient! Highly recommend this company if you are in the area!
Glenn RicciGlenn Ricci
19:04 21 Mar 22
Delano did an amazing job with a variety of electrical fixes around our house. He had no problem dealing with the quirks of our old rowhouse. He made everything fit perfectly and look nice and clean when he was done. The quote was straightforward, competitive, and no surprises after the fact. Will *definitely* call on them again.
Jimmy HernándezJimmy Hernández
04:01 04 Mar 22
We recently contracted with Milton Electric for our new home in Baltimore to fix several issues identified in our inspection report, to install new outdoor external light fixtures, and to run a line to install an EV charger. Delano and Ryan of Milton Electric were the best technicians to work with. Delano, the veteran electrician, and Ryan, his apprentice, knew their stuff and talked us through how they would run a wire for the EV charger and how they'd do so in a way that would be clean, professional, and look good.If you hire Milton Electric, you'll get good service. But, if you ask for Delano and Ryan, you'll receive amazing service.
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The Need for Professional GFCI Installation

It is recommended to have GFCI outlets professionally installed by a licensed electrician. Proper installation reduces the risk of

✓ Electrical shock ✓ Electrocution ✓ Fire ✓ Appliance Damage

GFCI outlets are indispensable in protecting your home and loved ones from electrical hazards. By understanding their significance and adhering to the latest safety guidelines, you can create a secure environment in areas prone to water contact. Regular testing and professional installation are vital for optimal performance and peace of mind. 

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A circuit breaker regulates the electrical flow within your home's particular section or space. In contrast, a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a safety mechanism that guards against electrical shock by promptly cutting off power upon detecting a ground fault. GFCIs can be set up at individual outlets or the primary breaker panel, while circuit breakers are commonly positioned at the main breaker panel.

GFCI outlets are not always required in older homes, but it is recommended to install them for increased safety. GFCIs greatly reduce the risk of electric shock or electrocution by cutting off the flow of electricity when it detects an unintended path to the ground.

There are several possible reasons why your GFCI outlet keeps tripping. Some common causes include ground-fault occurrences, moisture in the receptacle box, an overloaded circuit, and electrical faults. In this case, it's best to contact an electrician to inspect this issue.

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) keeps you safe by checking the electrical flow between wires. When an imbalance occurs, GFCIs prevent electrical shocks. Furthermore, the circuit breaker can sense current to avoid people being shocked. GFCIs are essential for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where electrical circuits might touch water. 

Indicators that an outlet is a GFCI outlet include light indicators during testing. An LED status light green means it’s operating at average operating power. If flashing red, this indicates that GFCI needs attention.  

The best areas to install GFCI outlets are areas with water and moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, pools, garages, and other areas outside. GFCI outlets should be installed near sinks and countertops and within six feet of water sources in laundry and utility rooms. It’s imperative to hire an electrician to adhere to the National Electric Code and prevent safety issues. 

Yes, it is possible to convert all outlets to GFCI outlets. Protecting against electrical shock, GFCI is important for any household. Our electricians at Milton will turn off all circuit breaker boxes, remove old outlets, disconnect wires, and install new outlets.