Occupancy Sensor Installation

Occupancy sensors detect motion to control lighting and other devices within certain areas of a home or building. They detect the presence of people indoors and out to automatically turn off and on lights and devices as needed. Various sensors are available that allow for additional control based on factors besides motion, including the time of day, daylight, and more. These devices can be conveniently and discreetly installed on walls and ceilings.

Occupancy sensors are a smart investment for many areas within a home or business. These sensors are effective for lighting control when placed in a location where they will be able to detect a person's motion in all areas of the room. The installation of these devices will help you control energy use and eliminate energy waste. Install occupancy sensors in areas which:

  • Aren't frequently used
  • Have irregular occupancy patterns
  • Are more likely to have lights left on accidentally

Save Energy with Occupancy Sensors

With occupancy sensors installed in your home or business, energy savings is automatic. These devices activate a room's lighting as activity is detected and turns them off when the area is no longer occupied. This eliminates energy waste which occurs when occupants forget to turn off lighting as they exit.

Depending on the size and occupancy of your area as well as the type of lighting used, occupancy sensors can offer energy savings of up to 45%. Rebates from your local utility provider may also be available when you have occupancy sensors installed in your home or business. Through increased energy savings, your occupancy sensors will pay for themselves over just a few years.

Increase Safety with Occupancy Sensors

Many areas in a home or business can be hazardous without the appropriate level of lighting, but it is not always practical to leave lights on or easy to turn them on as needed. With occupancy sensors, lights are activated as soon as motion is detected to create a safe environment. Install occupancy sensors indoors and outdoors to safely light areas such as entry areas and interior rooms with no outdoor lighting source.

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