Know When to Replace Your Home’s Electrical Wiring: 10 Lifesaving Signs

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Understanding when to update your home’s electrical wiring is essential to keep your home appliances and devices running smoothly. If your home's electrical wiring is not installed correctly or inspected, you pose a safety hazard to yourself and your family. Contact an electrician to inspect your home's electrician wiring system to keep you and your loved ones safe.   

Did You Know? According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, arcing faults start more than 28,000 home fires every year leading to severe injuries, property damage, and even death. 

Signs Your Electrical Wiring Needs Replacement  

Sometimes the signs your electrical wiring needs to be upgraded are apparent: you might notice your lights flickering more often than normal, or your outlets may have visible smoke damage. However, in many cases, you need an expert like the team at Milton Electric to inspect your home for subtle signs your electrical wiring needs replacement. Dive in to spot the warning signs and power up safety with electrical upgrades.

  1. Tripped Circuit Breakers: If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it shows a short circuit in your electrical wiring. While you can put a tripped circuit breaker back into place yourself, you should still contact an electrician to check your electrical wiring. Doing so limits any potential safety concerns and issues affecting your home.  
  2. Rodents Chewing Electrical Wiring: Small rodents like rats, squirrels, or and mice can easily make their way into your house walls, chewing on your electrical wiring. Rodents can cause serious electrical and cable damage. If you hear rodent noises in walls or other parts of your house, contact a local electrician to ensure your electrical wiring is intact and not severely damaged.  
  3. Overloaded Circuit: If your electrical outlet has smoke marks, it typically means the outlets are overloaded and overheating. If you notice any black marks on your outlets, call an Electrician like Milton Electric to fix your electrical outlet wiring to minimize any fire risk in your home. 
  4. Outlets Warm to the Touch: If your outlet is warm to the touch, even when nothing is plugged in, it strongly indicates your electrical wiring needs repair. Warm outlets pose large fire safety risks. Immediate steps should be taken to quickly repair your home’s outlets and electrical wiring.  
  5. Blown Fuses: Blown fuses are a common issue with older homes and can often be easily repaired without an expert’s help. If your fuse blows frequently, it can signify a more significant problem with your home’s wiring. Make an appointment today with Milton Electric to check out why you are experiencing blown fuses. 
  6. Dimming Lights: Like blown fuses, this issue is common and and doesn't always indicate signs of major house wiring problems. However, if all the lights in your home are dim, it’s essential having an expert electrician visit and check your electrical wiring to ensure everything is functioning correctly. 
  7. Frayed Wires: If you see any frayed wires in your home, call an electrician immediately. Exposed frayed wires can result in electric shock. These damaged wires are a serious safety risk to you, your home, and any appliances or devices it powers. 
  8. Outdated Knob and Tube Wiring: Homes built in the 1940s used knob and tube wiring for electrical systems, which have since been outdated. Knob and tube wiring is linked to short circuits, fires, and even electrical shock. If you have an older home, have an electrician investigate your knob and tube wiring to ensure it is still safe and shows no signs of wear and tear.  
  9. Electrical Fire Smell: When wires begin to overheat, they often give off a smell similar to “burning plastic.” The plastic smell comes from plastic insulation starting to overheat and melt. Sometimes, this smell can come from your wall outlets or home appliances. If you ever experience an electrical fire smell, turn off all the power in your home and seek immediate help from an electrician 
  10. Loose Connections: Often, the connection between an electrical wire and an outlet will loosen over time. Loose connections affect the flow of electricity in an outlet and cause the power to be inconsistent. If your switch or outlet isn’t working consistently, it’s time to get your electrical wiring updated. 


Experience the Benefits of Wiring Upgrades 

By promptly addressing signs of faulty wiring, such as circuit breaker issues, rodent damage, or overloaded outlets, you not only prevent potential fire hazards but also safeguard against electrical shocks. In addition, for owners of older homes with knob and tube wiring, upgrading to modern systems eliminates the risks associated with outdated electrical setups. Entrusting these upgrades to local professionals like Milton Electric guarantees expertise and efficient assessments of your electrical needs. 



If your electrical wiring needs an overhaul, contact the Milton Electric team today to schedule your appointment. We will come to your home or business and assess to understand your electrical needs. Our team will then make the necessary repairs or upgrades to ensure your wiring is safe and works efficiently.  

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