When Is It Time to Upgrade My Electrical Wiring? Discover the Main Problems to Look For.

wall outlet smoking

It’s important to have up-to-date electrical outlet wiring in your home to keep your appliances and devices running efficiently, and to protect your home from harm. Poor electrical wiring is a major safety hazard, particularly if your home is more than 40 years old, or if you have outdated aluminum or knob and tube wiring. […]

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Taking Care of What Truly Matters: Follow These Tips for Older Homes

front view of victorian home

Historic homes are known for their character and charm; however, they’re also known to need a lot of TLC as they age. One of the most common issues historic homeowners might face is old electrical wiring that no longer functions as well as it did in the past, particularly if the home is at least […]

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Why Electrical Maintenance is Important to Any Household or Business

view of the house and front yard

It is easy to forget about electrical maintenance. Why? Most wires that power the home or business we never actually see. Plus, many people only think about electricity when they need an electrician or when their clocks need resetting after a bad storm. However, deferring regular maintenance can be damaging in more ways than one. […]

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7 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Electrical Service Panel

New breaker box installed by Milton Electric

What is an Electrical Panel? Electric panels are sometimes referred to as breaker panels, load centers, service panels, or breaker boxes. It’s the box often in the basement, garage, or utility closet connecting the external wires from the street to the internal wires to the home, providing your lights, appliances, and more with electricity. Most […]

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Winter Electrical Safety Checklist To Get Your Home Winter Ready

Home covered in snow. it's important to have a licensed electrician check the wiring throughout your home to ensure everything is up to code and functioning properly.

1. Check for and prevent leaks Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. The melt from winter snow and ice can cause water leaks that could affect your home’s electrical panels or outlets. Check any equipment that could cause potential leaking, such as your water heater, and ensure it is working properly. Make sure house […]

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5 Reasons You Should Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

Electrician working on house wiring

Are you a #WeekendWarrior who likes to fix everything without assistance? Maybe you find that getting professional help is a waste of money because you can watch a YouTube tutorial and get the job done in your spare time. This may be the case with most DIY projects, but not when it comes to tampering […]

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Knob-and-Tube Wiring

Vintage knob and tube wiring

Was your home built before 1950? There’s a good chance you have knob-and-tube (K&T) wiring. This early method of wiring was most common in North America from around the 1880s to the 1940s as American’s used less energy and electricians were less skilled. As years passed and more energy is consumed by televisions, computers, air […]

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Power Surges And How To Prevent Them

Although it takes only a split second for a power surge to occur, this massive spike in electricity can wreak havoc – damaging electronic devices, appliances and electric outlets in a home. Since we get many service requests relating to power surges, we wanted to share some helpful information on this topic. Of course, it […]

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Power Up When There Is No Power

Storm clouds over Baltimore's Inner Harbor. A residential power generator can provide temporary power during a power loss emergency.

In the event of a weather disaster, a downed power line or a power grid going offline, a home generator is often a good solution for keeping a home powered-up. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), thunderstorms and lightning occur once every 5 to 6 days in Maryland during the months of […]

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Before Listing Your Home, Ensure It Meets Electrical Codes

Are you thinking of selling your house? There is a lot of prep work to do before a home goes on the market, including decluttering, giving the interior a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint, and adding some “curb appeal” with new landscaping. One item that is very important, but is often overlooked, […]

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