Electrical Wiring Upgrades

The Importance of Electrical Wiring

It’s important to have advanced electrical outlet wiring in your home to keep your appliances and devices running efficiently. Having up-to-date electrical outlet wiring is essential to protect your home from any potential safety hazards. You are at greater risk if you have outdated aluminum or knob and tube wiring. When left unrepaired, outdated electrical wiring could cause power surges, electrocutions, or even serious electrical fires.

GFI Electrical outlet with single cord plugged into it

When Is It Time to Update Your Old Wiring?

Unfortunately, many Maryland homeowners don't update their wiring: faulty wiring accounts for nearly $1.3 billion in property damage each year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Our team of skilled professionals will assess your wiring needs and efficiently upgrade your electrical system, providing you with peace of mind and a safer living environment.

Don’t let your home be next: if your wiring needs to be upgraded, schedule an appointment with Milton Electric today.

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Delano came to our house all week to change some knob and tube, add some outlets, and change the panel. He was kind, thoughtful, professional, communicative, and on time. He explained everything he was doing/did and was patient with questions. Milton Electric was responsive and easy to work with in general!! Highly recommend.
Jodi Bosket-TullyJodi Bosket-Tully
16:09 12 Oct 22
Milton Electric has been great. Delano has done multiple jobs at our house and is always on time, very friendly and efficient with his work. We will continue to request him for future service!
Amy KlostermanAmy Klosterman
14:36 20 Jul 22
I have nothing but good things to say about Milton Electric, from the first step with the estimator, to the responsive folks at the office and, finally, the excellent work provided by Denny and Delano. I needed to have the overhead line to my garage restored after storm damage, plus a few related things, and Denny and Delano arrived on time, creatively met the challenges of my old house, and cheerfully responded to all the questions lobbed at them while they were working. All in all a great experience. I’d definitely call them again for future work.
William KinsleyWilliam Kinsley
21:22 02 May 22
My wife and I were most pleased with Milton Electric Co. Tina was helpful in scheduling our appointment at the earliest possible date. Our Milton electrician for today's visit was Delano, who was friendly, prompt and efficient. Arriving at the early part of our afternoon window, Delano proved a good listener when we showed him the areas where we needed lighting to be installed. He was flexible when we pointed out an additional problem with our outside lighting. His suggestions were helpful. We are grateful for the fine work that Delano performed and will certainly call Milton again for our electrical needs.
Adrienne GrantAdrienne Grant
21:07 02 May 22
The electrician Delano arrived in the early part of the specified window and did a fantastic job installing 4 light fixtures throughout our house and answering some general questions we had about lighting. He was courteous, professional, and efficient. Will definitely call again! Thanks, Delano at Milton Electric!
Maria MendozaMaria Mendoza
21:32 05 Apr 22
Absolutely love this company! Won't hire anyone else! Everyone I have interacted with has been professional, helpful and kind from their receptionist to the electricians themselves. I even had someone from the warehouse answer the phone when the receptionist was out to lunch which is great service in my opinion! This is the second time I had hired them. They were able to book me with relatively short notice when other companies were booked many weeks in advance and were also able to move my appointment on short notice with no issues when my light fixtures had not arrived yet. I was only billed for T&M at an hourly rate and Delano was able to replace (3) ceiling light fixtures for me all within the hour! No additional materials were needed so all I had to pay was 1 hour of labor which was more than fair to me! Delano was professional, friendly and efficient! Highly recommend this company if you are in the area!
Glenn RicciGlenn Ricci
19:04 21 Mar 22
Delano did an amazing job with a variety of electrical fixes around our house. He had no problem dealing with the quirks of our old rowhouse. He made everything fit perfectly and look nice and clean when he was done. The quote was straightforward, competitive, and no surprises after the fact. Will *definitely* call on them again.
Jimmy HernándezJimmy Hernández
04:01 04 Mar 22
We recently contracted with Milton Electric for our new home in Baltimore to fix several issues identified in our inspection report, to install new outdoor external light fixtures, and to run a line to install an EV charger. Delano and Ryan of Milton Electric were the best technicians to work with. Delano, the veteran electrician, and Ryan, his apprentice, knew their stuff and talked us through how they would run a wire for the EV charger and how they'd do so in a way that would be clean, professional, and look good.If you hire Milton Electric, you'll get good service. But, if you ask for Delano and Ryan, you'll receive amazing service.

Electrical Wiring FAQ's


If your outlet is buzzing, there is most likely a loose connection. Loose connections happen over time as your electrical system gets older. If you're experiencing a buzzing outlet call Milton Electric (410) 220-4824 today in Baltimore for a replacement.

Yes, a buzzing plug socket can be a safety hazard and could potentially lead to a fire. It's important to practice electrical home safety to keep you and your family safe. 

In order to reset your GFCI outlet first unplug all appliance as a safety precaution. Then look for the red reset button found at the top part of the outlet. Once you have found that, push the red reset button back in. You GFCI outlet would then be reset. Fill out the form below to schedule an appointment with Milton Electric for any GFCI outlet concerns.

Copper wiring is commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for general electrical purposes, such as wiring systems, lighting fixtures, and electrical appliances. Due to their high conductivity, durability, and reliability, copper wires are preferred over other materials like aluminum for electrical wiring and components.

Lights can flicker for several reasons, such as loose bulbs or plugs, the wrong type of bulb, or incompatible dimmer switches. However, if these issues have been ruled out and the flickering continues, it could indicate a more severe problem, such as an overloaded circuit, voltage fluctuation, or old or loose wires, which a professional electrician should address to avoid potential dangers.

When a breaker trips, it often pushes out a red or orange tab. Circuit breakers are often in a basement or garage. If you open your circuit breaker panel and see an orange or red tab you can push your tripped breaker back into place. However, if you find yourself frequently having tripped breakers you may have a short circuit or other electrical wiring problems. Contact an electrician today if you are concerned about your tripped breaker. 

Open ground means there is no ground wire connected to your electrical wiring. Open ground is a common occurrence if you have large devices or appliances in your home. Grounding wires function as safety wires. You connect them to the ground to provide protection. If your ground wires are not safely secured, they pose a safety risk to people and to equipment. If you have any questions regarding open ground, reach out to Milton Electric today. 

Lights flicker for a variety of different reasons. It is common for lights to flicker if there is a loose bulb, electrical issues, a loose outlet, or a loose plug. Flickering lights can also happen during inclement weather when high winds are present. Strong winds and storms move power lines affecting the transmission of electricity throughout your home. If you can’t resolve your flicking lights problem, contact an electrician today to resolve your lighting concerns 

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