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Throughout the state of Maryland and much of the United States, solar panels are growing in popularity due to environmental concerns and consumer desire to save on electricity cost. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that a solar panel system also considerably increases a home’s resale value.

Types of Solar Power

There are two primary types of solar panels available to homeowners: thermal solar and photovoltaic (PV). Thermal solar panels are generally used to heat water (which comprises one of the most significant portions of a home’s energy budget) and PV panels are used to generate electricity. PV panels are usually more expensive to install but usually have higher associated tax incentives.

Both thermal solar and PV panels may be mounted directly on a roof or attached with a pole mount installation to create a more favorable angle based on the roof’s exposure. In Maryland, solar panel systems must be mounted by a licensed home improvement contractor, but a licensed electrician is required to connect the solar panels to the electric box or to the grid. For solar panels that use the heat water, a licensed plumber is required to connect the solar panel system to the water supply.

Why Choose Solar Power?

Solar power provides for inexpensive, clean and – sometimes – efficient stand-alone electricity for your home. For the best quality and efficiency, a certified solar panel installation vendor, along with a qualified electrician are highly recommended. At Milton Electric, our licensed electricians are trained and certified in the National Electric Code (NEC). We will ensure your solar panel installation is correctly connected to your electrical box so that you are able to use the energy your solar panels generate.

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