Remodels and Additions

Home remodels and additions allow you to alter your current home to meet the changing needs of your family. Older homes can feel like a brand new one with the addition of more space or a makeover to an existing one. When you alter your current home, your electrical system will require adjustments too to meet the needs of the additional space and any new appliances you may be adding.

Before you add on to your home or remodel indoor spaces, your home's existing electrical system will require evaluation in order to determine whether or not it can handle the increased load that will be placed upon it by additional devices and appliances. If you're adding square footage to your home, you'll need to add lighting and more outlets, and new appliances may warrant the need for dedicated circuits. If your current electrical system doesn't have the capacity to handle this load, upgrades will be required to supply adequate power.

When you are planning the details of a home remodel or addition, it is important to plan ahead for the electrical needs of the new space. Consider how the area will be used, which will help you determine where outlets and switches should be placed. Working with our skilled electricians to create a wiring diagram for the space will ensure all your electrical needs will be met. Your wiring diagram will include elements such as switches and outlets, lighting controls, and appliances. We will also determine the proper amperage which is necessary to meet the demand of devices in the new space.

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