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Power Your Home with Generator Installation Services 

Every home should have a backup generator on standby to fuel the power in your home when electric networks are down. Home generators are especially ideal for those living in geographical locations affected by power outages due to severe thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Two common types of generators are standby generators and portable generators. Both standby generators and portable generators offer full or auxiliary power during emergencies such as power outages. 

Portable and Auxiliary Generator Installation in Baltimore-Metro Areas

Before purchasing a generator, research which generator type and size is ideal for your needs and your home's total wattage. You can buy generators from hardware stores like: 

  • The Home Depot 
  • Lowe’s 
  • Ace Hardware 

In recent years, the National Energy Reliability Council (NERC) has observed a rise in blackouts due to hotter-than-normal summers and heightened electricity demand. 

Once you've identified the most suitable generator for your home, contact a certified electrician such as Milton Electric for professional generator installation services. The Milton Electric team will expertly install the generator in the appropriate location and advise on the optimal fuel source and compatible appliances to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, if you're considering installing an auxiliary generator, an electrician will handle the installation of a transfer switch. Initiate your home generator installation project by contacting Milton Electric today. 

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Generator Installation FAQ's


Installing a generator transfer switch requires the understanding of electrical wiring to install properly. Therefore, you need to have a certified electrician to install your generator transfer switch. Transfer switches are responsible for transferring different sources of electricity to different devices. Transfer switches are needed for generators as they run without the help of utility power lines and generate power to keep electricity on.  

If you need someone to install your home or portable generator reach out to your local electrician. Generator installation should be handled by a professional electrician and should not be attempted alone. If you need generator installation solutions in the Baltimore area, contact certified electrician Milton Electric today. 

To figure out what size portable generator is best for you, you must figure out the total wattage you need to generate power in your home. To do this, add the wattage of all your electric appliances in your home to calculate your total wattage. It’s important to understand larger devices and appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens take a lot of electricity to remain powered. Portable generators come in different sizes depending on the total wattage needed to power your home. 

After selecting the best home generator that fits your house power needs, reach out to a certified electrician to install your generator. An electrician will help choose the best location to install your generator. Generators are commonly installed outside, at least 5 feet away from your house to prevent any carbon monoxide exhausts from entering your home. An electrician will also install a transfer switch ensuring all generator parts are connected to your electrical system. 

Portable generators are ideal for when you temporarily lose power in your house. These are great for homes affected by severe weather like thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes. If you often experience power outages, consider installing a home generator. To power your home, portable generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Portable generators have power outlets where you can plug in electric appliances and devices directly into the outlet making them ideal for power outages. If you are interested in installing a portable generator, reach out to the Milton Electric team today!