Exterior and Interior Lighting Installation

Having the right lighting scheme within and around your home is essential in providing you with the perfect amount of lighting to cater to your desires and needs. The most effective way to achieve the lighting scheme that you want is to have a professional evaluate the potential of each room within your home and every section of your exterior. Once a walk through has been done, an optimal interior and exterior lighting plan can be designed.

Ambient Lighting

A common lighting scheme is one created for ambiance. It provides efficient lighting for general purposes, such as the ability to properly see. This type of scheme will take into account individual room dimensions, and personal requirements. For example, a home office would require additional lighting beyond what a small foyer would need, though both may have a similar size.

Accent Lighting

An accent lighting scheme is often chosen within rooms with specific design characteristics, such as a room with a multitude of antiques, paintings or large sculpture pieces. It has a dual benefit of highlighting artistic designs and providing soft interior light. Accent lighting is often the most common choice for providing light to landscaping along the exterior of the home.

interior lighting

Direct Lighting

A lighting scheme that incorporates direct lighting allows homeowners to have a lighting scheme in place that highlights key interior points, while also having a direct light stream available. This type of lighting scheme will provide the feel you want, with the requirements you need. Lighting can be installed to light up specific locations such as over a workstation, above kitchen and bathroom sinks, and within large walk in closets. Utilizing direct lighting with other schemes, provides the best of lighting solutions, all within one lighting scheme.

Indirect Lighting

A popular lighting scheme is having indirect lighting installed within each room. It pushes light upward, allowing the light to reflect off the ceiling. This provides the perfect amount of lighting for most purposes and is both soft and comfortable. This type of lighting scheme will take certain aspects into consideration, such as room size, color of wall paint and depth of built in structures.

Disc Lighting

Disc lights are small lights usually used to add a soft light to a room or a warm light to a subject. They are also a great way to add a little light to a space that doesn’t have enough natural light. Disc lights, sometimes called wafer lights, are perfect for adding a little light to an area that needs a little light or a little brightness to a space that doesn’t have enough natural light.

Disc lights are the perfect accent light for any space and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any lighting need. Furthermore, the lights add a charming atmosphere to any party or event or used to create a subtle, ambient atmosphere.

How a Lighting Scheme is Designed

All aspects are considered when determining the perfect lighting scheme. It's rare that only one scheme is chosen. In fact, more often than not, two and even three lighting schemes will be combined, such as a combination of direct and indirect lighting, with the added addition of accent lighting. By combining the benefits of more than one lighting scheme, a customized lighting solution can be designed on a per home basis.

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