Electric Baseboard Heater Installation

Electric baseboard heaters can be used to provide efficient, comfortable heating to all areas of your home. These heaters utilize electric heating coils to create the necessary heating, which is moved throughout the room by convection. Cool air is drawn through the bottom of the unit and warmed by the interior heating coils and fins, exiting through the top of the heater into your room.

Electric baseboard heaters are commonly installed beneath the windows in a home. In this location, they can be used to counter the heat loss which occurs when the room’s warm air comes in contact with the cold glass window panes. Window coverings that hang to the floor should be pulled back to avoid contact with the heater. Keep your electric baseboard heaters clear of furniture and other obstructions to maximize their performance.

A line voltage thermostat can be used to control your home’s electric baseboard heaters. Each unit will have its own thermostat for individual control over the area’s heating needs. Some models of electric baseboard heaters utilize a built-in thermostat for control rather than a thermostat located on a nearby wall.

Advantages of Electric Baseboard Heaters

Installing electric baseboard heaters may be preferred in certain applications. They are an ideal alternative to space heaters in homes that do not have central heating systems. Electric baseboard heaters can also be used to provide heating to areas of a home where the central heating system does not extend.

The cost to install baseboard heat is less compared to installing a central heating system. The equipment is less expensive than a furnace and does not require duct-work to be run throughout the home which adds to the cost of a central heating system and increases the space necessary for its installation. Electric baseboard heaters can easily be installed in the areas where needed and connected to the home’s electrical system.

Electric baseboard heaters offer occupants the ability to control the temperature of rooms independent of one another. Room occupants can adjust the temperature to their liking without affecting temperatures throughout the home. Electric baseboard heaters can be turned off when a room is unoccupied to eliminate energy waste and save money.

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