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Video doorbells, also referred to as smart doorbells or Internet-wired doorbells, are a great security solution for both families and small businesses. Depending on the exact model, the video doorbell will provide a notification through its app when someone pushes the doorbell button or when the device’s motion sensor picks up on a visitor. The owner can then see and talk with the visitor using the doorbell’s camera and microphone and, depending on the model, also unlock the door remotely. Video doorbells can be a deterrent to the theft of packages delivered to a home’s doorstep and also to home burglaries. Smart doorbells are even helpful for checking up on children arriving home from school each day.

Some video doorbells, such as Ring, can operate on an internal battery. However, the battery needs to be recharged every month, which is not practical or convenient. A better solution is to have a licensed electrician wire the smart doorbell to your home. With a wired video doorbell, there’s no worry about interruptions in service. Below is some additional information about popular smart doorbell models. Contact Milton Electric for assistance with Google Nest or Ring doorbell installation.


The Ring Video Doorbell provides top-notch security for homeowners. Its four models range from a standard, battery-powered doorbell to an elite, hardwired option and can include features like HD video, night vision, two-way talk, motion sensors, and a weather-resistant exterior. Ring not only adds a sense of security, but a sense of style as well with four sleek faceplate options that are sure to match any home.

Ring + Wink

Combine your Ring Video Doorbell with the Wink Smart Home app to take the security of your home to the next level. Wink allows Ring owners to make the most of their device by adding the ability to turn on lights or unlock the front door for guests from a remote location.

Google Nest

The Nest Hello video doorbell excels in its home security capabilities. Including features such as HD resolution, night vision, water resistance, motion and sound alerts, and pre-recorded quick responses, Nest makes your front door a hub for technology. Additionally, its facial recognition options, 24/7 streaming, and 3-hour snapshot storage will make sure that you never miss who was knocking (or snooping) at your front door.

5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician to Install Your Video Doorbell

man ringing video doorbell

  • Doorbells require a lot of power to function, and most homes don’t have an existing doorbell wire, which an electrician can install.
  • One of the most important parts of installing a video doorbell is ensuring it is correctly wired. This means that the doorbell must connect to a power source and the wires must be correctly installed. For example, many video doorbells require a wired connection to the home’s existing doorbell chime. Without the assistance of an electrician, connecting the wires can be complicated.
  • Many video doorbells require a transformer to function properly, ensuring that your doorbell will have enough power to work correctly.
  • They are trained and licensed professionals, meaning they have the knowledge and skills necessary to install your doorbell safely and correctly.
  • Additionally, electricians are familiar with the electrical code and can ensure that your doorbell installation meets all code requirements. This knowledge is essential to ensure that your doorbell is installed appropriately and meets all safety standards.
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