Magnetic Ballast Replacement

Switching out an old magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast alternative will ensure that your company is doing its part to be environmentally green. Old magnetic ballasts are known as hazardous waste, as such many city and county jurisdictions have a disposal limit in place. Additionally, simple operation of a magnetic ballast creates a damaging amount of electrical emissions. In fact, it's estimated that through switching to an electronic ballast, electrical needs can be reduced by 25 billion kWhs, on a national scale.

Why Magnetic Balance Replacement Should be Done

In the upcoming years, the requirement to have all magnetic ballasts replaced will become mandatory. In fact, currently, this requirement has already been initiated within certain jurisdictions and is expected to become a national requirement in the near future. The environmental benefits of electronic ballasts is a primary reason for the consideration by individual jurisdictions to create mandatory laws.

The Importance of Becoming a Planet Friendly Company

The environmental advantages of electronic ballast are immense. Energy usage is reduced, thereby preventing excess carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. This will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your company and place your business into an environmentally responsible category. Considering the overall desire of living green, getting into a planet friendly position can be a deciding factor among potential customers when choosing which company is worthy of their business.

Reducing Operational Cost by Replacing Magnetic ballasts

ballast diagram An electronic ballast is far more energy efficient than a magnetic ballast. In fact, on average you can expect to use 20% less energy. This advantage can greatly reduce operational cost. It has been estimated that the average electronic ballast, reduces the price of electricity by over $3.00 per ballast each year. Therefore, if you happen to run a large company with 50 magnetic ballasts and replace them with electronic ones, you'll have a yearly reduction in energy cost of over $150.

Magnetic to Electronic Ballast Compatibility

When replacing magnetic ballasts throughout a company facility, many business owners have compatibility issue concerns. This is understandable, considering the importance of having work done efficiently and in a timely manner. Fortunately, compatibility isn't really an issue, as most electronic ballasts have been designed to replace existing magnetic ballasts.

A preferable electronic ballast is the T8 model. This option has several advantages over the T10 and T12, including improved lighting efficiency. The only concern is less compatibility, however, trained electrical service technicians can install the T8, making it completely compatible, regardless of the existing lighting system in place.

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