New Home Construction

Milton Electric works with homeowners throughout every move-in phase and renovation needed when purchasing a new home. It's important to consider a new home’s electrical needs in the beginning stages of moving in for safety precautions. The Milton Electric team has years of experience in wiring homes, using quality electrical components to ensure your new home's electrical system will stand the test of time. Understanding that each home is unique, Milton Electric works with all types of homeowners including first time home buyers and those who have large home renovation projects. It is also common for homeowners to need an electrician when flipping homes as electrical capacity changes.

In addition, the Milton Electric team guarantees homeowners quality service with their electrical wiring upgrades. With any home project, upgrading electrical wiring will increase the capacity of an electrical system. This allows homeowners to use more devices, reducing the risk of overloaded circuits and electrical issues. If you need electrical wiring upgrades for your new home construction, contact Milton Electric today.

Essential House Wiring and Installation Services

Milton Electric can help you plan the electrical system for your new home construction project. We determine how much electricity will be needed to power all the electrical devices used inside and outside of your new home project. Some of the crucial elements we consider when planning an electrical system for a new home construction project include:

The Importance of Electrical Upgrades in Home Building

It's a good idea to consider future enhancements to your new home especially for those who are undertaking a large home renovation project or are flipping their new home. Adding enough power initially to supply additional appliances or systems, later, will save you from additional electrical work when you're ready to make these enhancements. Common additions to the home which may need more power than your system can supply include:

Why Choose Milton Electric for Your New Home Construction in Baltimore Metro?

  • The team at Milton Electric has over 60 years of experience in commercial and residential electrical work in the Baltimore Metro area.
  • We take pride in our customer service, craftsmanship, and professionalism.
  • Our team is always looking for energy-efficient options to ensure we are doing our part in protecting our environment.
  • We provide customized solutions as we understand each electrical project is unique.
  • As a licensed and bonded electrician, Milton Electric is here to help with your electrical needs on your new home construction project.

If you are a new homeowner, contact Milton Electric for all your electrical inspection needs and electrical upgrades.

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New Home Construction FAQ's


As your home ages, so does your electrical panel. If your electrical panel trips frequently, starting to cause fuses, and your electrical bill is exceptionally high, it’s time for an upgrade. Upgrading your electrical panel can be very dangerous and should only be handled by a licensed electrician like Milton Electric.

You can absolutely add a pool to your new construction home! If you are designing your own home, you can add any additions you see fit with the help of professionals. Remember that an addition like a pool or hot tub will require wiring from a certified electrician. If you are interested in pool or hot tub wiring, contact Milton Electric today.

When designing a new home construction, it is a good idea to consider energy-efficient options as they often help save money in the long term and increase your home's value. The popular energy-efficient option is adding solar panels. There are two types of solar panels: thermal solar and photovoltaic. If you are considering adding solar panels to your home, contact Baltimore electrician Milton Electric to review the proper steps for solar panel wiring. Other energy-efficient options include energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, insulation, etc. 

A new home construction price varies by many factors, including what state you are looking to build in. Other essential factors include lot size, basement requirements, room height, and the wiring/outlet placement in a new home. If you need electrical upgrades for your new home, contact Milton Electric today to help you along your new home construction journey.

A new home construction project in Maryland takes about seven months. Before building begins, you need to consider the electrical upgrades needed for your new home, the size of rooms/land, wiring and outlet placements, and any luxury additions. Before building, reach out to a certified electrician to determine any wiring upgrades needed for your new home construction project.