5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill this Summer

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Summer is nearly here, and the temperature is rising. You’re tempted to run the air conditioning on full blast but wait…don’t do that! You want to save money this summer, not waste it. Follow these simple tips to keep your electric bill low and spirits high.

1. Switch to a smart thermostat

You might be thinking… a smart thermostat? That’s crazy! Well, give it a try because it’s saving people lots of money. A smart thermostat saves families an average of $135 a year. It saves 10-12 percent on heating and 15 percent on cooling by adapting to your life and tracking the patterns of your home’s temperature. Other cool features include showing your monthly savings and alerting you when air filters need to be replaced.

2. Life hack alert! Run big appliances at night

Running big electrical appliances like dishwashers at night will save you money on your electric bill. You should always research peak and off-peak hours for your utility company. Usually, after lunch and dinner is when the most energy is being used. It’s as simple as doing your laundry at night and falling asleep to the humming of the machine.

3. Use ceiling fans instead of A/C

Air conditioning uses the most energy in your house compared to other appliances. When you run the A/C, it costs about 12 cents per hour. When you run a ceiling fan, it costs about a penny. To save money, turn the fan on only when you’re in the room. Make sure the fan is spinning counterclockwise with air blowing down. This allows for air to be in the center of the room, causing a breeze to help cool you off.

4. Your grill is your best friend.

Grilling is more efficient than using an oven in the summer. An oven heats the kitchen and the surrounding rooms when you use it; this causes your electricity bill to go up. Using a grill will save you even more money because you can reduce preheating time. A grill takes less than five minutes to preheat so you’ll be cooking food faster. Don’t forget to turn the grill off after you’re done!

5. Be aware of all your electronics.

Big appliances are important to watch after, but the little electronics are too! Items like TVs, flat irons, and lamps can be unplugged when not in use. They contribute to heating the house and can increase your electric bill just as much as the big appliances do.

Hope you find these tips helpful! If you have any electrical needs this summer, our team can handle them! Contact us today for a free quote!

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