Make the Most of Your Storage: Selecting the Best Lighting for Closets, Pantries, and Other Storage Areas

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When was the last time you dug through your storage areas just to realize you can’t find the item you’re looking for? It’s not because you misplaced it – it’s because you can’t see well enough in the dark areas to locate the object you need. While having closet lighting or cabinet lighting might not seem like a necessity, making simple upgrades to your home’s lighting can make a significant impact. Our electrical experts provided some of their best indoor and outdoor lighting ideas to inspire your next home improvement project – check it out:

Under Cabinet Lighting

Grey and white contemporary classic kitchen interior with dining table designed in modern style, front view One of the most popular upgrades homeowners are making is adding under-cabinet lighting in their kitchens. Under cabinet lighting creates a soft glow, making any room feel more comfortable and inviting. You’ll also enjoy the added light at night, allowing you to easily move around your home without having to turn the overhead lights on.

Motion Sensors for Closet and Pantry Lights

Large modern wardrobe with clothes with beautiful shelf lighting Looking for energy-efficient lighting for your home? Look no further than motion sensors for your closet and pantry lights. Installed motion sensors would trigger your closet or pantry lights only when movement is detected, making them the perfect fit for homeowners looking to lower their energy bills. They are best in homes where you might need extra security for children, the elderly, or differently-abled family members.

Basement Lighting

Are you looking to reduce clutter in your home? When people think of basements, they think of a cold, dark, and damp place. However, it’s square footage in your home you should utilize. Installing LED flat-panel or surface-mounted light fixtures in your basement will do wonders for your home, enlarging your storage area and keeping other areas of your house spacious. New lighting also comes with fresh inspiration, as many people receive new ideas once the room is brighter such as creating an exercise area or club room.

Above Cabinet Lighting

Adding above cabinet lighting to your home will give any room in your home a serious makeover. The lights are ideal for homeowners looking to change the mood of their room. Our electrical experts recommend putting them on cabinets in rooms with high ceilings, like your kitchen. Adding dramatic above cabinet lighting could turn your kitchen into a five-star restaurant with the flip of a switch! We suggest using LED lightbulbs to make your cabinet lights more energy-efficient.

How to Get Started on Your Next Project?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your indoor or outdoor lights, the experts at Milton Electric can help with even the most complex of requests. The team has over 70 years of experience providing electrical solutions to homeowners in the Baltimore area. Whether you’re looking to add additional lighting or make repairs, the team will make the necessary upgrades to keep your home safe.


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